From 2002-2004 at Treyarch I worked on Spider-Man 2 The Movie Game as a concept artist. I attended meetings at Sony Pictures with director Sam Raimi to gather insight into the pre production of the movie, especially the design of Doctor Octopus, which was top secret at the time. While we stayed true to the main plot and design of the movie we added well known characters in the Spider-Man rogue's gallery. I was tasked with giving these a new look, different from the comics. Unfortunately The Lizard and Rhino were cut from the game early, while Kraven and Calypso were PS2 exclusive. This game is known and loved for introducing free roaming to the super hero genre.

My drawing to the left, high resolution (for that time) model to the right.

Before seeing Sony's depiction I did my own version of the comics Doctor Octopus. Only six months into the project were we brought in to the Studio to see the costumes and maquettes. No cameras were allowed but I could sketch what I saw.

These drawings were based on what I was able to briefly see over at Sony Studios. A much cooler, and tragic  version of Doc Ock, portrayed by the great Alfred Molina.

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